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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  October 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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woman's head and also a string of other -- other robberies, shot and killed by police. good evening. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan. police believe the man was behind more than a dozen violent robberies in the henderson area, and that's where we begin. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live outside one of the businesses that police say the man robbed. that's near warm springs and of relief with this news? >> reporter: many business owners are glad the serial robber has been stopped. police say the suspect went in this dairy queen and robbed it. business owners say they can now relax. the man caught on this henderson home surveillance pointing a gun at a woman and steaming her car was shot and killed by police wednesday night.
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high-speed chase after they spotted the man in a stolen car. investigators spotted the car near the stratosphere. they tried to pull him over but he refused to stop. the car came to a halt on the 215 in hualapai. the man showed his gun. that's when he was shot. >> officers were confronted by a white male with a handgun. officers fired, killing the suspect. >> reporter: the man killed is ev robberies of businesses in henderson and las vegas. detectives say this man robbed two dairy queens, an ice cream place and restaurants, among other businesses. >> at this point we're confident he was involved in those 14 robberies. >> reporter: a pizza shop owner in henderson had his shop robbed. >> the bottom line, it's a small business. we're trying to grow, trying to make a decent living. it's not fair to be targeted by
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>> reporter: he lives in the neighborhood where the car jacking happening and is at peace knowing the robber will not strike again. >> this guy, he had it coming. i heard he did a line of robberies on top of taking her car. he was not a good seed. bye. >> reporter: the clark county coroner has not identified the man. metro police plan to have a news conference about this officer-involved shooting on mo as officers were working that scene, another shooting call came in. this one happened about 6:00 this morning out east at lake mead and hollywood. two men were fighting near the gas pump at this chevron when a third man pulled out a gun and shot one of them. he died on the scene the. the other two men left together in a dark-colored car. that's the only description we have. so far no arrests. >> we do have six witnesses,
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business that witnessed the -- there was loud yelling and then a physical fight and then the shooting got everyone's attention. >> now police are looking for surveillance video from the gas station for more clues. they say it's possible the shooting was gang-related. the name of the man died has not been released. we've learned the name of a man killed monday in a shooting in downtown las vegas. the coroner said david teal died from being shot in the neck. there appears to have been an death. the state assembly continues to debate the merits of using public money for a football stadium here in las vegas. they are getting down to the nitty-gritty up in carson city in the special session. a lot of lawmakers hope to wrap it up by tomorrow. maybe. maybe not. jeff give guillen -- jeff gillan joins us live from carson city.
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this is day four of the special session. both chambers busy. the action in the state assembly. let's show video from earlier today. i will take you through the day. first this morning, the assembly passed the measure allowing clark county to raise the sales tax to hire more than 300 police officers in the county and then later, the assembly passed that measure, affirmed that measure. 21-0. that's now a done deal. but what's happening lot of discussion over the reason really that we are here, which is to raise the room tax to build the stadium and expand the convention center. a lot of questions in the assembly. that measure passed the state senate tuesday night. 16-5 vote. they have to get two thirds, which means 28 people have to say yes. here's why the argument
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raising the room tax would require $750 million from tax payers, mostly tourists. there is a lot of questioning in the assembly about why should we do that? why can't a backer, billionaire, sheldon adelson, pay for the whole thing? they are going back and forth on that. we're expecting to have a vote, hopefully if we're lucky. later tonight. however, we're not sure that will happen. in a few about three hours of public comments which takes us up to 9:00 tonight. then we'll see what happens. like anything here in a special session in the capitol, anything can happen. the bottom line, it more cops, a done deal. stadium, still up in the here. they need 28 votes. they are still looking for them. we'll see what happens later tonight. we'll watch this every step of the way. back to you. >> and doing a great job
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less than a month away and this today -- >> these people are horrible people. they are horrible, horrible liars and interestingly, it happens to appear 26 days before our very important election. isn't that amazing? >> donald trump right there to his supporters flatly denying that he groped, mondayleed and kissed women without their permission. for the victims, it's becoming personernal. personal. kelsey thomas is live with more. kelsey? >> reporter: of course, trump will no doubt address those issues that are plaguing his campaign when he's here on wednesday at unlv for the third debate. he's ignited a conversation about what's right and what's
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>> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. >> reporter: donald trump today claiming the new allegations are a media campaign of lies. >> it was a real shock when his hands were all over me. >> reporter: the new york times broke the accusations. jessica leeds charging dec hand up her skirt. trump says not so. >> when you are a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> reporter: a 2005 recording of trump bragging to tv host billy bush about forcing himself onto women. >> grab them by the [bleep]. you can do anything. >> i said it. i was wrong. >> reporter: trump brushed it off as just locker room talk. >> we're good to go. >> reporter: business owners ask
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center what she heard when she listened to those records. >> it's not just words. there are actions implied in those words. it's really hard to get away from. >> thank you for calling the rape crisis center. >> reporter: each month, the center gets 250 calls on its 24-hour hot line. after the trump accusations, there's been a spike in calls to the national sexual assault line. people finding the speak up. danielle says we need to come together and put an end to words and actions that cross the line. >> stop that conversation and go, you know what? that's not okay. that's not a joke. that's not something to laugh about. that's just wrong. >> reporter: and if you are a victim or a survivor of sexual assault, there's so much help out here in las vegas. there's the 24-hour hot line. there is a support group.
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on our website, reporting live tonight at unlv, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> all right. thank you. and this all leads up to the final debate right here in las vegas, now less than a week away. >> a look at what it takes to secure this very important event and at what cost. and we'll take you to the final farewell for a long-time local fire captain, yaphet miller, the touching tribute. they are not blowing yet, but that will change. full forecast -- coming up. bill clinton is a rapist! >> a heckler interrupts joe biden as he was here today. >> was this spontaneous or was
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completelyly disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party.
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e's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's divisive and dangerous. "uh, i don't know what i said. uh... i don't remember." but congressman hardy supports trump 100% and said he'll do whatever trump wants him to do.
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at seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government. donald trump and congressman hardy -- divisive and dangerous. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. live look right there at unlv. stepped-up patrol on campus. more than 1,000 police officers are plan to descend on the campus next week, for the third and final presidential debate. news 3's nathan o'neal is live at the thomas & mack center which will capture the world's attention when the candidates
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six days. >> reporter: right. more than hundreds of thousands of dollars are being devoted to security for this debate. i want you to get a look at the lay of the land. you can see all of these shipping containers, which are lining the perimeter of this parking lot here, creating a sort of barricade for security. six days out, you can feel the excitement building on campus. >> i think it's exciting. it's gonna be crazy. >> reporter: but at unlv, ready to host the f wednesday, security is top priority. threats of terrorism at the foremonth with 1,000 police officers on patrol. >> we've been working with the secret service, fbi, college of southern nevada is providing us with exa interest manpower. >> reporter: taking cues from security teams at the two debates previously.
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closely. >> bill clinton is a rapist! >> no. let him go. that's okay. >> reporter: fostering the fear of more unwanted outbursts or even lone-wolf attacks. plus lessons learned from a foiled plot to kill donald trump at a rally back in june. >> there are people out there that have designs to do something bad, and our cops are given very explicit instruction. they are trained very well. just like in that eventhe prevent any of that type of activity. >> reporter: while the campus will remain open, the debate hall will become a secured zone. for many students that means canceled classes. a small price to pay as law enforcement monitors everything happening in this city in the coming days. >> i feel like something will still happen but they will take care of it, hopefully. >> reporter: and right now,
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significant or credible threat to this incident. but they are asking the public to be vigilant on this. so if you see something suspicious, they are asking you to say something. nathan o'neal, news 3. >> thank you. six people are looking for a place to stay tonight after a fire ripped through their home in the northwest valley. it happened near u.s. 95 and durango. las vegas fire and rescue says they were told a disabled elderly woman might have been trapped inside the burning home. so t realized she was not in there. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen but they don't know exactly how yet. now to the funeral of a north las vegas fire captain. >> fire captain yaphet miller was honored as a close friend and leader, hundreds of colleagues joined family and friends at regional park. he spent half of his life with this department.
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kids. >> many kids are now playing with fire trucks and hats because of yaphet miller and i think that is amazing in itself, in a day where we're looking for role models, you didn't have to look too far. >> no, you didn't. foe workers remembered yaphet miller as a leader within the north las vegas fire department. they say it was a surprise to nobody when he was promoted to the rank of captain. miller died october 5th. he had a medical emergency while fighting a fire at a shopping center on september 23rd. he was hospitalized but never recovered. news 3 is your weather authority. things have been pretty calm so far this week. but we're in for some changes. >> that's right. those changes might feel like the wind. kevin janison joins us to talk about that. >> how about a lot like the wind? >> yeah. >> it will start blowing tomorrow afternoon and then strengthen sunday and monday. but the headline here is four straight days of wind that we'll be dealing with beginning midday or so tomorrow.
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visitors center. its love this shot. we started out with this blue sky and then a couple of stragglers before the waves of high clouds started to work their way over the spring mountain and toward the las vegas valley. they came through in patches. i expect to get a few more tonight. maybe a lesser amount tomorrow but we'll get some high clouds and then the winds pick up. nice sunset with the sun shining. green valley 85 degrees. 10% humidity. not much wind yet. elkhorn and buffalo in the southwest -- no, northwest. get my compass out. 82 degrees. 14% and pecos bonanza, 88 degrees. the rest of the companies, we're about -- i don't know, i would say moments away from dipping in the upper 70s around the edges
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over the hump, it's 82. 83 in boulder city. the lake is checking in at 87. mccarran warm day. maxed out at 89. so 7 degrees above normal. we've been on a roll with our air quality. that will probably come to a halt tomorrow as we do expect more dust to start blowing once the winds pick up. when you leave your house tomorrow, anywhere from the mid-60s to the 70s between 7:00 and upper 80s by lunchtime. heading to about 90 for a high tomorrow. but the headline will be the wind. ramps up quickly at lunchtime. these are the sustained winds. we expect some gusts tomorrow and saturday, over 30 miles an hour. they dodged a bullet in bermuda as nicole wobbled to the east. the island still had 100-mile-an-hour plus winds.
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for northern california and oregon and washington. we'll get the tail of the front. it's weakening as it moves in. still windy. that's system number 2 as that slides through which was only the typhoon that made a whole lop in the pacific and will come through with even stronger winds. that's expected sunday and monday. 54 in pahrump. 61 in mesquite for lows. high temperatures for friday, 93 at the lake. 65 up on the mountain. 84 in sandy valley and 80 in nye night. 66 can -- with a few nice clouds. 90, the expected high. those winds will push the temperature and i'm beginning to think we might be warmer than 90. maybe 91, or 92. but the headline will be the winds. they will back off slightly saturday and then increase more than slightly come sunday and monday. temperatures are still warm.
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attention. we'll have gusts over 40 miles an hour sunday and monday. >> that will do it. a rockin' friday. >> yeah. >> the pebbles will be flying. >> thank you. an amusement park gets shut down because of a bomb threat. >> what we're learning about the threat to legoland coming up. his music has been blowing in the wind for decades. we'll explain when news 3 live
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as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown,
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bob dylan has written so many iconic lyrics over the years. he's just won the noble price for literature as he gets set to play at the cosmopolitan tonight. they say he deserves it for having created new poetic expressions. he's the first american to win the prize since tony morrison he will receive the word in sweden. the world is mourning the loss of thailand's king. >> coming up -- members of our local thai community reacts. and two more police officers go to the hospital after another dangerous pursuit. where it happened and how the officers are doing at this
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joe heck's and donald trump's views on women are disturbing. heck voted to defund planned parerenthood 10 times. he was even willing to shut down the government over it. and they both outlaw abortion. "do you believe in punishment for abortion?" "the answer is that, there has to be some form of punishment." while heck co-sponsored legislation to donald trump and joe heck are not for you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. how tall are you? hohow do we measure greatness n america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on.
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house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. bill clinton is a rapist! bill clinton is a rapist! >> that's a heckler interrupting joe biden's speech here in las vegas. this comes after a website offered people money to yell that specific phrase and try to
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supporting hillary clinton. it's unclear if this man is part of that. but it did cause a brief pause in the rally today. the vice president was here to drum up support for hillary clinton and also catherine cortez masto. >> biden also made a couple unexpected stops to rally at the culinary union. and our sergio avila was there. [ cheers ] >> reporter: vice president inside a hillary clinton campaign office in las vegas. he was here no more than a few minutes before taking his first shot at donald trump. [ cheers ] >> by the way -- >> reporter: he talked to the campaign workers about how to ensure hillary clinton gets elected. >> this president took us from crisis to recovery. we're on the verge -- [ cheers ]


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